Crochet Care Instructions

To ensure that your crocheted piece stays beautiful and lasts for a long time, please follow these care instructions:

1. Handwash Only

I recommend gentle handwashing in lukewarm water using gentle detergent. Unnecessary friction would cause the pieces to fray faster. 

2. Dry Flat

This is SO important!! After washing, reshape your crochet piece and lay it flat on a clean towel or drying rack. Please do not wring or twist the water out! Do not hang or tumble dry, as this may cause the piece to lose its shape.

3. Handle with Care

Avoid sharp objects or rough surfaces that may snag the yarn. If you notice a loose end appearing in your piece, it's probably just one end of a knot that I tied. It's not gonna unravel, so tuck it back in and it'll be good as new :-)


Extra tip for the lace-up tops!

I make sure to tie the ends of the straps together before I put them in the wash and before I put it on - you can wriggle it to loosen the straps and wear it over your head to prevent the lacing from falling out and having to re-lace them again.


To find out the fibre content of your piece, check the listing! If you have any further questions or concerns about caring for your crochet piece, please feel free to reach out. Your handmade crochet piece is a labor of love. The more you cherish and care for it, the longer it will bring you joy!

Thank you for supporting Chilli Padi Studio and embracing the beauty of handmade crochet. ❤️